Do You Perm Your Hair Before A Sew In???

Question: Do you perm your hair before getting a sew-in?

Great question that has several answers. The first questions are why are you wearing the weave and what type of weave is it?

Wearing the weave for length and leaving hair out on the perimeter?  You may want to perm the edges of your hair so that the hair blends better. 

Wearing a full sew in?  

Well how long are you keeping them in? If you're using them to aid in your growth or as a protective style, then it wouldn't make sense to perm your hair. If you're wearing a full weave, no one can see your hair underneath anyway. Perming your hair and then throwing a weave on top will promote shedding and damage to YOUR NATURAL HAIR. 

Perming the hair leaves the hair in a weakened state to begin with. If you're using weaves to grow your hair or to grow previous damage to your hair out, this is counterproductive. Your hair needs to be in a strong state for it to be able to support extensions. You owe it to your hair so put that perm brush and gloves down.

Wearing a partial sew in?

Again, perming your leave out may be beneficial to you if you are obviously relaxed. If you do perm your leave out, the less manipulation to this part of your hair will be better for you in the long run. 

You have to remember that you have already permed the leave-out already so when it comes time to touch up the rest of your hair, you won't perm that part. That's only if you plan on NOT reinstalling the weave. 

If you plan on reinstalling the weave, I would advise that you DON'T perm the rest of your hair. Again, like I said in the previous paragraphs, if you're going to continue getting sew ins then there is no reason to perm your hair PERIOD. 

Wait at least ONE WEEK before relaxing your hair after you take the sew in out. IF you reinstall...put the brush and gloves DOWN.

When wearing a sew-in weave, you want your hair to be able to handle wearing extensions for a prolonged period of time. I'm natural but I have no problems whatsoever with relaxers. It just doesn't make sense to perm your hair if you're going to be wearing a full sew in or if most of your hair will be in the sew in.

When you're ready to STOP wearing the sew ins, remember to wait until you put the perm back into your head. Too much manipulation will cause the perm to burn you anyway....those lead to those unsightly perm sores. That could lead to more hair loss.

Weaves are my FAVORITE protective style of all time. I've been wearing them since 1997 and I've lost my hair by the handful and grown my hair past my shoulders with them. Used correctly, your hair will be long, growing, and strong!


  1. sooooo, if you had a perm in a week before you got the sew-in, would that damage your hair? and how much??????

  2. It depends on the overall status of your hair. If your hair is already damaged or weak then yes it could damage your hair....a lot. What kind of sew in are you getting? I can answer the question better if I knew that.

  3. I haven't permed my hair in over a year, I want to do a versatile sew in (leave out perimeter and a bit in the middle so I can put it up in a ponytail and let it down) I want to do it at the end of the month, should I perm all my hair at the beginning of the month? 2 weeks before? Should I just perm the perimeter?? I need help!

  4. Hi, I want a vixen sew-in. Which is the perimeter of the hair and in-between it. Should I perm my whole head and wait a month then put the hair in, or Just perm the perimeter and the middle. Wouldn't it be more complicated for the stylist perming it?

  5. If my hair get all braided will my sew-in look natural if I want to put it up in a ponytail


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