Is Crochet the New Weave?

AliBaba or AliExpress has had it ladies and gentlemen.

Gone are the days that you’d spend combing over vendors and trying to find the perfect virgin hair. Gone are those days where you’d spend your rent money on a nice lacefront wig or some wefts for your birthday. The prices of hair are much too expensive and it seems as if everyone these days are an expert on hair weave.

My hair Growth 2015-16

Sidenote: I have a friend like that. She’s gotten a few sew ins in her life and now she thinks she knows more than I do when it comes to who sells quality hair . It’s funny to listen to her “invent” the whole hair game when I’ve been in it much longer and have run this hair blog for the past ten years.

I digress...

Because black women are incredibly innovative and original, YouTube is a catalyst for many things, one is the way that we do our hair. In our culture, hair is incredibly important. Because we spend a great deal of our income on making sure our hair looks nice, other people have capitalized off of this enterprise greatly, including black women. But one group of people haven’t been doing so well...

You guessed it. Black hairstylists.

With Youtube, everyone is a kitchen stylist. Some good, some not so good. However, I’ve been noticing that more Black women are growing their hair, learning the things that they can do to make it grow. If this was 1985 or even 1995, your hair grew based on mixed ancestry in the opinions of many people.. Today, those ignorant arguments are slowly going away and that’s wonderful. I was one of those people but at my more recent length check, my hair is as long as its ever been just straddling the BSB (BSL) fence. A length I’d NEVER thought I see without “help”.

But back to the original post...

Spending your hard earned coins on $300-$500 Virgin hair fresh off an Indian woman’s head? No more.

Crocheting synthetic hair in your head can give you styles that you’d never dream you could get and it would look more natural than you’d ever thought.

This hair is pre-looped! She was able to crochet this hair into her head and it looks great. Vixen crochet styles are great as well!

This is a vixen crochet style. Based on a particular braiding pattern, you can have hair crocheted into your head and not have to spend an arm and a leg.

More crochet hair styles. These styles look better than many sew in weaved styles!

The best thing is that much of the synthetic hair that people loathe are actually not bad in quality, you can change your hair up drastically, and still look like a million dollars.

These young ladies were able to make their hair look beautiful with very little money spent. Some of these styles can rival the best five hundred dollar weaves.


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