Fusion Hair...Is It A Good Thing?

The Fusion Method is done by adding individual strands of extension hair (we use only 100% human hair) to a person's natural hair. The extension hair is attached using a specific bee's wax based polymer.

They do not use glue or any other type of adhesive as we have found this bee's wax based polymer to be the best and lesast damaging to the hair (compared to many glues and other plastci based polymers on the market).

Fusion is not the healthiest method of applying hair extensions but it can produce some of the best results. If you are willing to sacrifice some hair breakage this could be the best method for you. If you are trying to grow your hair out and maintain optimum hair health then we wouldn't recommend this method. This method is very expensive and should be performed by a professional with a track record of performing this service.

Hot Fusions provide spectacular results; achieved by attention to detail. They apply the stands one at a time to give you that unique and natural look.

Use Cold Fusion to thicken or lengthen your hair with out risk. The Cold Fusion treatment gives you the natural volume you want and is sport and weather proof. With the Cold Fusion process, they use no glue, heat or solvents to apply the natural looking hair strands to your own. The Cold Fusions are comfortable to wear and are the most gentle method available to enhance your hair.

Questions and Answers

Q.Will they damage my own hair?

A: When hair additions are applied properly and cared for properly, they will not damage your hair. There are a few rules though: take care of your extensions BETTER than youwould your own hair. Do not attempt to remove or have someone else remove something that was installed. Come in for your scheduled touch ups and maintenance appointments. NEVER sleep with wet hair. NEVER pile hair on top of your head while washing, it will tangle. Shampoo in the shower and allow the water to flow through the hair. It is a hair weave not a hair hat, you must take care of what's underneath your extensions

Q: How do they feel?

A: Since they are attached to your natural hair, there is some sensation of the attachment. The goal is to make them as natural feeling as possible and it also depends on the method you choose.

Q: What is the difference between the Fusion Method and the sew-in technique?

A: Free Flowing Extension methods are virtually undetectable, natural, and free flowing. Your edges and crown area are left out for coverage so your hairstyles are very versatile. No one will ever know you're wearing extensions. Sew in techniques do not allow for you to have access to your scalp or to change your part.

Q:Can I swim, work, or play and sports while wearing Fusion?

A: Yes! You can still enjoy all your normal activities while wearing your extensions. The only thing you cannot do is apply heat directly to the fusion; it will melt and causeshedding. I suggest that each night you pull your hair into a ponytail, or use a silk, nylon orpolyester scarf on your hair. You can also braids two plaits for easy maintenance. For curly extensions, I suggest you pull your hair into braids or a bun.

Q: Will I be able to see the adhesive, rings or tubes?

A: The attachment, adhesive or bonding material used in these systems has been colored to match thehair so visibilty will be cut to a minimum. The way these extensions are placed forcamoflauge also aid in undetectability. These systems are the most undetectable out on themarket right now. Other systems make this claim also, but strand-by-strand is the onlymethod that I know of where you can pull your hair into a ponytail and still be able to camoflauge them.


  1. i need help!!!!
    i dont know what to do??
    im dominican..im goin to move to utah in the next months and i have my hair relaxed...i use milky way hair extensions bond to mi relaxed hair...i want to change and do the fusion thing...i just dont know if it will be good on me...and if i hace to take it off everytime i'll have my hair relaxed!
    please guide me!


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