Help!!! Which Weave is the Best to Buy?

Ladies I have been wearing weave now for about 10 years and have tried it all. I have recently tried Saga by Milky Way and it does live up to its motto which is, "The last hair you will ever buy" I am currently sporting it now! It has a very slick texture to it (if you are looking for textured hair, its not for you) IT DOES NOT TANGLE even after being washed. (I washed the hair last month 4 times and it didn't tangle at all) Prices range from 59.99 and up.

Second Runner up is Velvet Remi by Outre. It didnt tangle after several washes and still looked great. It is recommended for ladies that are looking for more texture and for those who live in areas where Milky Way is not available. It can also be colored and does not have treated chemicals inside it which can make your scalp itch tremendously. Prices range from 64.99 and up.

Third Runner up is Remi Goddess by Sensationnel. I have not personally tried it but have gotten rave reviews from other weave wearers. Prices range from 49.99 and up.

I recommend that if you decide to buy this hair, please find someone to sew it in! This hair is too expensive to be glued in. If you insist on wearing a glue in, then I suggest Milky Way, Milky Way Blue, and Milky Way Platinum. I know it seems that Im a bit biased towards Milky Way, but from my experience, it produces the best results without all the tangling.


  1. I've never used the Saga hair but wanted to try it,but I'm confused to why you rank the Goddess number 3 I've worned this hair since July shampooing it twice a month and I'm still receiving comments on how well it looks,now its time to be replaced and it still looks good.I will continue to purchase this hair until I have problems then I will try the Saga hair

  2. so this is my first time gettin weave and it is so i can do my sport. what weave do you think i should get and how do you thuink i should style it. and i will need it to go in a ponytail

  3. I use IndiRemi. The Hair Shed but it oes not get shaggy....i wore it for to month and my weave STAYED fresh.

  4. I have in velvet remi by outre and it is amazing. I bought saga remy by milky way for next time because I have heard great stuff about it.


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