15 Weeks Without A Perm.....

Fifteen weeks and no perm!!!!!!!! I just got my sew-in done and havent learned my lesson that you get what you pay for. I'm happy with it somewhat but I need someone to fix the front. You can see the braids!!!! EEK!!!! Well, Im on my way to get it fixed now. The hair that I'm sporting is Velvet Remi by Outre which has a GREAT TEXTURE and feel to it! Its also very easy to blend because of the texture to it!!!! But overall I'm happy with the style. I've just been using really creative ways to cover the problem....(a bottle of spritz and prayer) My hair has grown significantly. I wish I bought my camera with me last Sunday when I got it done but I didn't. (SORRY!) My hair has grown a total of 5-6 inches since I stopped using glue last November.

I used to be a glue queen. I used my expertise of working in a shop for six years and learned how to do my own hair. Since 1997! When I noticed one day after ripping and pulling my hair out, I saw so many bald spots in my hair I cried!!!!!!!!! My hair was in terrible shape!

At the time, I wasn't making a lot of money and I couldnt afford the sew-in so I continued glueing the hair in and praying that my hair would magically grow back. It did after some time but I would rip the new growth right out again. I even tried placing the track in different areas.

It took a great stylist to point out to me that I was doing to my hair was torture. Since then I've recieved a $30,000 pay increase and I started paying for getting my hair done. (But as my readers still see, I havent learned yet! Im cheap!!) But now my hair is longer and stronger than its been in years! Now without the perm, I'm letting my natural hair grow without the aid of chemicals. So we will see. I have a picture of my hair the last time I glued it in..I may decide to share it with you...


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