Trick or Treat! 20 weeks and No Perm!!!

Halloween is coming up and still no perm! I was informed by a hair stylist that when I do decide to perm my hair I may experience some breakage because the permed hair on the tip is very weak while the new growth is of course very strong. I'm not sure if this will be the case but I have decided to keep the sew-ins in my hair until the end of the year. I really am curious to see how long my hair has grown but it is difficult to really tell how much because my hair is tightly coiled and kinky. But I am really scared that it may break off. I continue to use Dr. Miracle hair products as well. '

Question of the month...

Does dirty hair grow faster than clean hair?

Before you answer, let me share a personal story with you...I used to work at a salon as a shampoo girl and this client used to come faithfully every two weeks to get her hair done. One time we didn't see her for a month. When she did come in, I noticed that she had grown at least two additional inches in that month. I looked at her hair and was like, "Wow your hair really grew!" and she said, "Yeah well I haven't washed it at all and I'm convinced that dirty hair grows quickly" It stunk something awful when I washed it but I saw it with my own eyes...her hair was NOTICEABLY longer. Please share your thoughts.

I will probably get my hair sewn in by the end of this month. I'm sorry that I didnt't provide pics of it this time but trust me it looks great! It is still holding up beautifully!!! I get compliments on it everyday. I used Velvet Outre Remi!

One of our readers wanted to know why I ranked Remi Goddess as Number 3 on the list. Well thank you for reading the blog. It's probably because I've never used it and that I've gotten mixed reviews from it. Most stylists use Velvet Remi and recommend it as well. Saga is a new product but a favorite of mine because it is so pretty. Remi Goddess is good as well because of the texture and it is the least expensive (at least in the Chicago market). But please continue to use whatever works for you. Also remember, the longer the hair has been sitting on the shelf, the more likely it is to tangle. If you are going to buy expensive hair, ask to use the hair in the front and not in the back because it is most likely the oldest.

Please keep all comments and questions coming! Thanks for reading the blog! I ask all that come here if you can forward this site to a friend so that we can continue to grow!

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  1. where can i find remi goddess or Velvet Remi by Outre in chicago??? i dont wanna buy it online...plz help me!!!


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