Wanna Go Natural???

Tired of putting chemicals in your hair? Looking to grow your perm out but dread that awful transitioning phase? Here are a few options for you to consider:

1. A sew in weave. That way your natural hair can grow and you can maintain a hairstyle that
fits your lifestyle. Try curly or straight! It is very important that you
maintain the scalp underneath the weave to promote healthy hair!

2. Braids Another great style to maintain hair growth. Make sure your scalp isn't
hurting too bad with an overzealous braider. You want the braids to be
tight but not to the point where you can suffer from nerve damage where
hair will not grow. Think traction alopecia although this is a risk with hair
weaves as well.

3. Press N Curl Yeah. Your mother and grandmother wore these all the time. They are also
very good but depending on your hair type, may need to be done more
frequently. Make sure a professional performs this service or risk hair loss.


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