Happy Anniversary to Me! 1 Year of Hair Growth...

Happy Anniversary to me everyone. For one year straight I have worn sew in weaves and my hair has grown miraculously. I do have one picture of my hair...I call it my crackhead pictuere where my hair was awful from wearing glue ins for almost ten years. I told myself that as long as there was weave, I didn't have to care about my hair. Oh how naive my early 20's were.

But now I am proud of myself. I have an extra six inches on my head. Im looking forward to the day where I can wear and care for my own hair. Maybe after one more year of wearing the sew in weave, I can give up weave for good.

Now for you glue queens, don't fret. You can still wear your glue. I understand that glue ins are the most economical and fast way to wear weave. And not to mention that you always dont have the 100-200 dollars laying around to get someone to sew it in. And not everyone knows what they are doing...(Check out some of my bad hair days on this blog) But you must remember to use glue in MODERATION PLEASE! Don't take the attitude that I had where as long as they sell weave, you'll be fine. Trust me, it doesn't work that way. You dont want to be going to a beauty supply when you're sixty and asking for a pack of remy velvet in GRAY!!!!!

Now for the sew in queens, I'm not letting you off the hook either. Its important to your hair that you find a competent stylist to do it. Not the girl down the block that wants to "experiment"
either. Traction alopecia can happen when your hair is braided too tightly. It's also important that you take the weave out every six weeks ( I recently left mine in for eight) You should also wash the hair every one to two weeks. Its important to keep the scalp clean and conditioned to promote healthy hair growth.

You braid queens should remember to that getting like micro braids and such back to back WILL BREAK THE HAIR OFF. Alternate styles to stop that from happening.

Your hair is an investment. Treat it good and it will be and look good always. I learned that lesson the hard way.


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