Partial Sew In Weave Is Now An Option...

Since I am enjoying new lengths of hair growth, I think that I will wear the partial sew in which is when the top and the sides of the hair is left out while tracks are sewn in. There is usually some hair left out in between the tracks as well. If you get this style, it is important that you maintain the hair that is left out in between washing the hair. You can damage your hair severely. The braided hair will be long and healthy and the hair that is left out brittle and breaking off.

One of my readers asked if I was still interested in getting the fusion hair style and to answer emphatically.....YES! LOL. This style is expensive and there are few people that can achieve the perfect look. I found a place here in Chicago that I am interested in. But for now...I just need someone to sew in a few tracks for me....TTYL......


  1. Hey gal, ur blog is so nice. Im a hair freak. i lov my hair. im dark, black hair(not jet black) Have hair 5 inches below shoulders long hair. Not that long. For past two years hair has been falling lik crazy. im an indian. i oil regularly. wash my hair twice in a week and also hav dandruff. Please help me out. I have st hair not poker st hair but little natural wavy kinda. i want st shiny healthy hair. need to know how to stop hair fall. and also how to grow long strong hair soon

  2. You had mentioned that you have found a great place in Chicago..... Please let a sister know where. I don't want to go into anyone's shop ever again to walk out looking a hot mess. Thank you! Also there's this guy who is talking about doing a sew in in my hair and he want's me to get Bohyme hair. The hair from what I researched is costing way more than the $85 he's charging. Please help!!!!!!

  3. Oh my goodness. Thank you so much for creating this blog. It is so frustrating not finding ANY reliable information on the web. It seem like all the Black hair care advice say "Don't perm, don't straighten it, get dreadlocks." That simply isn't convenient and/or attractive for most Black women. So, thank you thank you thank you for giving REAL information based on REAL experince. You have been a life saver.

  4. I have a partial sew in and i am hair care illiterate... My beautician just had her baby so im on my own for 5 weeks. If you knew me you would know how devastating this SHOULD be for my hair. I bought a good grade of hair and have been using the Soft Sheen Carsons line for weaves...Absolutly amazeing! I dont even wrap my hair at night (i sleep on a satin pillow) and the hair is holding up Great! I use KeraCare shampoo and conditioner on my natural hair and i am silky smooth, frizz and tangle free and 4 weeks in...


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