My latest Sew In...

I haven't learned yet that you get what you pay for. I had someone do my hair and the top was totally bulky (you could see the braid!!!!) The stylist has this habit of sewing the hair underneath the braid which makes the braids more bulky and visible. I had to pay $65 just to get someone to correct and it on top of that buy another pack of hair. This sew in cost me about 280 bucks. You know that my money is funny so this situation wasn't funny either.

When will I ever learn to pay to get it right the first time. Other than, that I am happy with the end result. I just wish that I could find someone that can braid smaller so that they are not detectable. I found someone that does fusion but she is not great at it and it looks like an awful hassle. I didn't even like the end result!! It looked awful from up close but beautiful from way back. Is there anyone that could recommend a good fusion stylist in Northwest Indiana or the Chicagoland area?

For the first time, I am using Remi Goddess which seems to be really good hair ( I bought it because the store didn't sell Velvet! WTF? ) It is pretty good but ladies if you like a thick look then you will need THREE PACKS for this style!

TTYL ladies...


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