Okay. I don't know many women that wear lacefronts but I saw two women with them last week and i was a little disappointed. I mean since weave has been my life for the past eleven years, I can spot them with ease...but these two women, made it particularly easy.

1. Too much of the baby hair! I mean come on, yes it adds a little authenticity but too much makes it look phony. And it changes where the hairline starts.

2. The quality of the hair. Yes there are some cheap units that you can purchase in some Beauty supply stores but just because it says Indian remy doesn't always mean it.

3. You need to layer the unit where it looks like "real " hair. No one's hair is all the same length. There are spots where its shorter or longer. Don't wear the damn thing like it just came out the box!

4. Texture is also key. Especially for African-American women, don't go for the silky stuff. Not to say that African-American women have the same kinky texture. But if your hair was kinky Monday and Wednesday its silky straight, either you just got a bomb ass perm, or you chose hair that was too silky.

I was interested in the style at first, but I'm not sure yet. I need to do some research. Ladies, if you are wearing a lace front, please send a picture.


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