Liquid Gold...A Dream or a Nightmare? you guys know that I'm struggling since the holidays put me over the edge...hitting my pockets deep. So I haven't been able to get my sew ins on a regular basis. I've been bad dipping back into the glue which has been a nightmare.

The only thing I like about the glue is that the way I place the tracks, if you put your hands on my head, you can't feel the tracks. With the sew ins, you can feel the braids which is a little awkward. I hate that. When my man wants to touch my head, I don't want him feeling all the bulk!

The other day when I was about to drive the bus, I was brushing my hair as I normally do when gasp...a track slides out. I didn't have any glue handy so I had to go the whole day with a missing track.

This brings me to Liquid Gold glue. Yes....I did it. I had heard some good things about it and some bad things. There is a YouTube video that shows how to apply the liquid gold. If you use the liquid gold the correct way, it shouldn't result in hair loss. If you don't then well, I might as well start calling you Patches!

So the instructor on the You Tube video states that you should purchase a syringe that you can use to apply the glue instead of the messy nail polish applicator.

In my rush to get home and get hair in my head so that I could go and see my friend...I didn't buy the syringe and used the applicator that it came with.

Big mistake.

Although I was very careful with applying it, I had some residue on my hands and on the sink. It was a mess. Some parts I guess I didn't glue too well because some of the ends had to be reglued.
It also leaves white "buggers" in the hair if there is too much residue left over. These can easily be removed with a small rat tail comb. Just be careful.

I got tired of using the stupid Black glue that is sooo infamous for taking out your hair and not bonding hard enough.

With Liquid Gold, the bond is WATERPROOF! Which means that you can wash your tracks. I advise that after you use the Liquid Gold, wait five days before wetting your hair. This makes sure that the bond is tight.

With proper placement, the bond should last four weeks.


You need to buy the Liquid Gold Bond remover which has acetone in it. THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO REMOVE THIS BOND! Do not listen to your friends or the bootleg hairstylist on the block. BABY OIL, LARD, COOKING GREASE will not remove this bond...just your hair. You can take and applicator and put the bond remover on the track and apply. After a few moments, the bond should remove easily.

I will take a picture so that you can see for yourself but I honestly think this is the last time I will use this type of bond for my hair. I want to go back to my sew-ins and fast before I just destroy the hair that I have left!

: )


  1. I have used liquid gold glue 3 times. The stuff sucks. It says it dries clear but it does not. It turns a whitish yellow color and is very hard to work with even with the new convenient squeeze tube they have now. I would not recommend this product to anyone. Hope it works out well for you.


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