Step By Step Instructions on Invisible Bonding








1. Make sure the hair is shampooed nice and clean.
DO NOT USE ANY CONDITIONER. Any film left on the hair may result in the bond not being as tight.

2. Take your weave and begin splitting the tracks. This can be achieved with cheap beauty supply hair like Milky Way, Outre, Dreamweaver, etc. Remy hair is much much harder to split because Remy hair comes on a thin track. If you use Remy hair, you may need two packs.

3. Start at the back of the hair and begin parting the hair. Apply the glue onto the track carefully. Again, it is easier if you use the syringe to apply the glue instead of the "nail polish applicator".

4. Let it sit for 15 seconds before applying it to the hair.

5. Apply the track ON THE HAIRLINE...NOT ON THE SCALP.

6. Press hard.

7. Take the blowdryer and let it sit on for at least 15-30 seconds.

8. Part the hair again but really close so that the tracks are VERY CLOSE TO EACH OTHER. Almost like they are sitting on top of each other.

9. Repeat to your entire head.

10. Place the tracks in your desired style...cut, flat-iron.

You should be able to pull your hair into a ponytail and no one would be able to see the tracks if you applied it correctly. That is the reason why you split the tracks and place them very closely.

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