New Sew In 5-3-08

Got my hair done again ladies! I tried to hold out the entire six weeks before I got my hair done, but it didn't turn out that way. I had a LOT of new growth and some of the braids were coming loose.

It is VERY important that you don't keep your sew ins in your hair past the time that they are due to come out. Your new growth will start to overlap the thread and it can be very difficult to see where your hair is versus the thread. You may wind up cutting your own hair (which I did). That could be disastrous...especially since many of you get a sew in to promote your own healthy hair growth.

One more thing ladies. While it is important to maintain a healthy scalp while wearing weaves, you can't use just any product on your hair. My stylist has this issue where right after she braids my entire head, she takes grease and oils my scalp. While this is good for the scalp, its not so great on the weave. Your weave will get very greasy and will tangle faster. You should ask your stylist to use products that are good on your scalp and not so harsh on your hair. Especially if you spend good money on hair like I do.

As always I will post a picture....but not now. I have to wash it to get this awful grease out of my weave. Til next time....


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