My Rant!!!!! just about everyone in the free world knows that Supermodel (me) wears a weave...well not the people in the Cuban restaurant that I went in today. They thought I was Dominican! I really threw them off with my espanol! Any-who...

Why is it that people assume that if you wear a weave you are automatically BALDHEADED?

I mean why in the world do I have to be bald headed to wear a weave? When I go to get my hair done, I see women with their hair draping down their backs and THEY STILL line up and get their weaves FAITHFULLY!!!!!

I am not BALDHEADED! I just love the freedom and the thickness of the weave that I wear. My hair is a nice length but even if I had hair down my back, I would still wear my weave...ESPECIALLY during the summertime.

Sorry just had to get that out!


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