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Hey Sonya! I ran across your blog when looking for pictures of sew-ins. I am currently in the process of transitioning my hair from permed to natural. I haven't had a relaxer since early April and have just been wearing protective stlyes such as straw curls & rods but they don't last long because of my new growth. I have been thinking about getting a sew-in. I have never had weave before besides micros & kinky twists & was thinking that a sew-in would be a great way to give my hair a break & look great! I saw your challenge and am willing to try it. I have a couple of questions If you would answer:

1) what type of hair would you recommend to look the most natural and be more managable?
2)what exactly is a closure & what is it's purpose? I would like a hairstyle with a side part like the sew in you got last saturday & was wanting to know if it was necessary.
3) How often do you get your sew ins redone and do you wash your hair yourself or go back to beautician?

Sonya Says....
The full sew in is the best choice if you want to go natural.

1. Remi hair looks the most natural and is more manageable. My favorite is Velvet Remi (as my regulars already know) because it has great texture and very easy to blend.

2. A closure is just that. It closes the weave at the top of the head ONLY when wearing a FULL sew in. A full sew in is when you leave NO hair out. The hair is sewn onto braids or a net. At the top of the head, the hair just goes around and around until the braids or the net isn't showing.

Like the top of my hair is showing. This allows you to have all of your hair braided up with NONE of yours showing. This is healthiest when you are trying to grow your hair. If you leave the top out or the sides, that hair has the most potential for breaking because you have to maintain it.

Although it may look like I'm wearing a side part...surprise...I'm not. That's just the way I pushed it over. You can wear a side part and still wear the full weave (with closure) if the stylists leaves just enough hair out in the front. Now if you are transitioning from relaxed to natural, you may have to press the front constantly to keep it straight or gel it down so that it matches the weave.

I get my sew ins done 4-8 weeks depending on how well it held up. I normally wash it myself and flat iron to save money.



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