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Again guys, thanks for reading my blog! I love it when you respond and ask any questions that you may have. One of our readers posted this question....

You had mentioned that you have found a great place in Chicago..... Please let a sister know where. I don't want to go into anyone's shop ever again to walk out looking a hot mess. Thank you! Also there's this guy who is talking about doing a sew in in my hair and he want's me to get Bohyme hair. The hair from what I researched is costing way more than the $85 he's charging. Please help!!!!!!

1. How is his work? Does he have any pictures? $85 sounds pretty reasonable..which is why I'm a little concerned.

2. I understand that he wants you to purchase Bohyme hair which is TOP OF THE LINE hair indeed but you have to get what your wallet allows. I haven't purchased this type of hair yet and I make excellent money! One thing I can say, is that if you do decided to purchase Bohyme, you won't be disappointed in the quality, everyone will think that this hair is growing directly out of your scalp, and you can DEFINITELY REUSE IT...that is if he doesn't do a lot of layering to the style that you want. Then you would have to keep the hair in the same order as you take it out...(meaning shorter lengths on top while maintaining longer lengths on the bottom)

3. Cheaper hair will also achieve the look you are going for. I would LOVE to buy some Bohyme but it ain't in the cards right now honey! Velvet Remi, Saga by Milky Way, Goddess, even Ego Remy are some cheaper but excellent choices. Hell do Milky Way Platinum. It's not the best...but it's cheaper and has a nice texture to it.

Ladies...there are some stylist out there that will only work with certain types of hair. This is totally understandable because their work is on the line here. Sew ins last longer depending on how you take care of them. Putting cheap hair in your head will SEVERLY DIMINISH the length of time that you can wear it. I look at women all the time with a nice sew in but AWFUL hair!!! IF you are going to pay good money to get a service done, then by all means get good hair so that it will last. I'm not saying break the bank, but get good hair. You won't be disappointed.

Remember, if you have direct questions you want to ask me, email me directly at If you leave questions in the comments field, I'll still get them, but it may take me a day or so to find them and respond.

As far as where I get my hair done...

Paris Hair Weave
94th Cottage Grove
Chicago, IL

I won't list the number, but email me and I'll send it to you. Tell them that Sonya from CTA sent you and you want to see Danielle.


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