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As a thrilled Bohyme user it seems to me $85/pack seems fairly reasonable. My stylist has me purchase the hair from a source that gives me her professional discount, so 12" Bohyme Gold averages about $90/pack; darker shades a bit less, lighter a bit more.Ask if the $85 reflects his professional discount and handle the hair and see the packaging he'll be using before making any commitment.

Ask where he gets it and if you can buy it and bring it in for him to install--many use a local source and order only the closures, and as you know you can buy Bohyme from any authorized retailer yourself (except for hand-wefted European Virgin Bohyme, in which case $85 is too low and would make me suspicious). Then you know exactly what's going on your head and what it cost.Regarding Bohyme, I LOVE this hair; my reinstall is tomorrow after over 3 months in a full weave with natural part mesh closure. It is still gorgeous and a constant source of compliments--even people who know it's not mine can't believe, even after touching it.

After a summer in my pool it's still tangle-free and easy to care for and looks great rolling out of bed. It can certainly be reused for at least two installs, even a third if you take good care of it: condition regularly, avoid sun/chemical/heat abuse, wrap it at night or use a satin pillowcase.I'm not rolling in cash and would rather scrimp elsewhere so I can enjoy months of real, effortlessly fabulous natural hair than have to fight with my own daily to look merely presentable. The Bohyme Gold Silky Straight perfectly matches my own color and texture but is far easier to manage. I realize Silky isn't right for everyone here but my stylist uses only Bohyme Remy products appropriate for the texture and color of each client because of the consistent quality, ability to reuse, and long-lasting beauty and ease of care.

I appreciate everyone's contributions and the purpose of this blog so much because my coarse hair is growing out under a sew-in, though I'm caucasian. Many of us had medical issues wreck havoc on our hair that only a weave can rectify and protect as it grows back out. Sadly, 'white' salons lack the richness of knowledge and depth of skill to offer services beyond ordinary cut/color/typical extensions. I'm not sure I'd be welcome in the formal Growing Out club but regardless, I'm with all you beautiful ladies in spirit every hard-earned inch of the process.

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