Obsessed : (

I have just realized that I am obsessed with my hair. I want so desperately for it to grow long. If there was a magic pill that would grow it past my shoulders, I would take it at almost any cost. As sad an pathetic as that sounds, I have been doing everything to grow my hair long and beautiful.

1. Stretching out relaxers (8-16 weeks).

2. Taking a daily vitamin regimen (Vitamin E for scalp circulation, B12 for growth)

3. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Aphogee and Nuetrogena makes excellent products.

4. Wearing protective styles. (sew in weaves of course) Protects your hair from styling.

5. Trimming ends lightly!

6. Drink lots of water! (this ensures the vitamins work and for overall health)

I guess I should have enough self esteem to rock the new growth that I have, but I'm so used to my long lengths, I don't know what to do with my hair. : (

Right now, I can't get my sew in done for another eleven days so I'm stuck. I tried gluing in my hair but the wierdest thing is happening....it won't stay put! I've tried liquid gold (I'm finished with Liquid Gold, I swear it) and the black BSS glue. It seems like every day, I'm regluing another track in because it fell out. Either my hair has changed or its putting its foot down! NO MORE GLUE SONYA!

But for right now, I'm about to wear either a Rihanna bob or rods. Not sure how it will look but you better be sure, I will post pictures. Until then, I'd better get used to wearing my own hair. : (


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