Time For A New Sew-In Already?

I don't know what the problem is. I'm not sure if it's how my sew in was done or if my new growth is getting out of control. But it's time for me to get my hair done. With the economy in the toilet, who has money laying around for a sew in every four weeks?

Will keep you posted.


  1. To cut costs, you can learn how to do your own sew-ins. Practice makes perfect! Now, if you absolutely don't know what you're doing, it's best to just leave it to a professional so your hair doesn't get snatched bald. Not a good look! LOL! Also, I've even heard that some people wash and reuse the same weave hair for up to 1 year. This may sound stank but it's definitely an option. LOL!

  2. Hey Supermodel! Are you going natural? I am and I've been wearing a sew-in for about 1month. I haven't permed it in like 3 (whoa). I'm scared to take it down. It's holding up pretty good, but I was wondering when I take it down what would be a good shampoo/conditioner for this new kinky hair (lol). I didn't know if you still have a perm or not. I want long hair also and I thought if I rocked this sew-in for about a year it would get there.


    I wish I could do a sew in. I suffer from carpal tunnel in my right hand and I dont think I can handle the pain trying to braid my hair.

    To queen z

    I am not transitioning at this point. Just working on keeping my hair healthy. I am a little on the obsessed side when it comes to growing it long.


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