What's Your Hair Regimen?

Are you commiting yourself to taking care of your hair in 2009?
Here are some tips to get you started, but first, backstory about my journey...

I first started wearing weave in 1997 and fell in love with the look. My boyfriend loved it and started booking modeling jobs left and right. At this point, I didn't care about the condition of my hair. I told friends that as long as the beauty supply stores sold weave, I would continue to wear it.

Fast forward ten years, and I barely had enough hair to cover the tracks in some areas. My stylist told me that she was surprised I had that much hair.


She told me about wearing protective styles such as the sew in and fast forward one year and....well you've seen my progress pictures.

Hair Regimen

In order to start your own regimen, you need to decide a plan for your hair. Is it growth? Getting it in good condition? Transitioning back to natural? Or retain the length that you have?

1. Stop putting the relaxers in your hair so often. Learn to stretch them! ( stretching is lengthening the time in between relaxers) I use to relax every four weeks!!! OUCH!

2. Put that damn blow dryer and flat iron down....BACK AWAY SLOWLY!
Stop putting heat in your hair! I can practically hear you say, "I've got to get to work tommorow, I need to do my hair" That leaves me to my next key....

3. Find a protective style! Phony ponytails, Bunning, braids (not micros) sew ins, half wigs, braidouts, twists, etc.

4. Find products that work for your hair. What works for some, will not work for all! Avoid products with mineral oil in them as well as products with silicone.

5. Moisturize! Conditioner is your friend!!! Up your deep conditionings to 1x a week. ORS hair conditioner and Shea butters are AWESOME FOR YOUR HAIR!

6. A clean scalp is a healthy scalp!!! Wash your hair more often!!!!!!

7. Vitamins, growth aides, and drink lots of water! All of these things are great for your hair.

Pretty soon, you will come up with a great regimen for your hair. You will know what works and what doesn't. Pretty soon, you will be on the road to great health care.


  1. Hey! Nice regimen! I just updated reigmen as follows:

    1. Wash hair:
    a) Shampoo with Nexxus Therappe Moisturizing Shampoo (1x week)
    b) Co-wash with Cheapie Conditioner (1-2x week)

    2. Treatments...
    a) Protein Treatment* on shampoo day only with no heat.
    b) Deep Condition with every wash for at most 15 - 20 minutes (using heat)
    c) Porosity Control on shampoo day only.

    3. Rinse cool.

    4. Apply leave-in and then:
    a) Roller Set (120 minutes includes dryer time) - OR -
    b) Air-Dry (plait hair in 4-6 braids, sit under warm dryer for 20 minutes or so, let airdry overnight)



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