Are You Stuffed Yet?

I'm not. My Thanksgiving hasn't been that spectacular. I went to work today but they sent me home because they couldn't find anything for me to do. I went to my sister's house and fell asleep for five hours. I woke up and made a plate...ate it..and left.

I have to be at work really early tommorow morning so I just wanted to wish you all Happy Thanksgiving.

Sidenote: I've been giving my sisters advice on how to grow their hair. I would like to report that my twin sister has stopped perming her hair every four weeks. Even though she wants to perm so badly, she stopped. Two months ago, her hair was too short in the back to curl. Now her hair is reaching the nape of her neck...

My oldest sister stopped perming her hair as frequently. She is now 12 weeks post and is wearing a beautiful rollerset. It is perfect.

Maybe by next year all of us will be sporting beautiful long hair.

That'll be a great Christmas for 2009...


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