November 16th 2008~~~~~Still Growing!

Should be at Full SL in Feb 2009. Is APL next? (APL--arm pit length)

6 Weeks Post ladies and still growing!!!!..................... : )

I had to take the sew in out today. I was sporting a full sew in and my hair was just growing out of control. Ladies that wear the full sew ins on a regular basis know what I mean when I say the top of my head was starting to puff up. This is caused when your hair underneath starts to grow and "raises" the top of the hair where the closure is.

Plus that back track was coming loose. Always the back track, huh?

Today I used the Cantu Shea Butter Leave-In Conditioner.

It's whipped shea butter for your hair that does wonders with moisturizing!!!! I love this stuff and my hair will thank me for it very soon.

I'm very happy with the progress of my hair. I'm glad that I finally came to terms with the terrible treatment that I'd given it for years. I'm on the road to healthy hair at last....

If you have questions about your own hair health, feel free to shoot us an email....


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