You Want Me To Use WHAT On My Hair??? I am a big fan of the Black hair media hair board...big time. There are many young ladies on the board that use growth aides. I was really curious about using Monistat as a growth aide...yes Monistat...yeast infection cream.

I used a mix of MN with Elasta QP Mango Butter and actually saw results. I was chicken so I applied a little to my edges. Within days, that area began to tingle and I saw new growth. I'm sorry I don't have pics at the time because my hair was in a sew in and I didn't think it would work....

But it did. I'm not endorsing anything here but there are a lot of young ladies that use this as a growth aide. Side effects? Some women experienced some shedding and some had really bad headaches.

One of the chemicals in Monistat (and Neosporin AF) is also found in Rogaine...a product that is used for hair growth.

Will I continue to use? Possibly. I may add this to my regimen when I take the sew in out and wear my other protective styles (bun, phony ponies, half wigs).

Are any of you using this as a growth aide? Email us and tell us about your experiences.


  1. I tried MN for about a day. I just kept forgetting to use it. I may hope on the bandwagon again though because my edges are thin and need a booster.


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