Biotin Updates...

Okay I've been taking the Biotin and have gotten the "itchies"!!!!!! Could it be from the Biotin? I think so! I normally take 1000mcg a day...but Sunday I took 2000mcg and my scalp went from itching to SOMEBODY GET ME SOME BENEDRYL!

I did some research on a few hair boards to see what they were saying and apparently I'm not alone. Due to "follicular activity" (forgive my spelling), this could be due to my hair growing. I don't intend to up my dosage at all because I'm scared of the infamous Biotin breakouts.

But I will post updates. I must admit, my scalp is looking a little thick I have a little new growth.



  1. How long have you been taking the Biotin? I started a few weeks ago (not regulary) and I haven't had any issues (break-outs, itching, nothing). I supplement biotin with a b-complex to get the most out of it. B vitamins work in synergy for best results. HTH!


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