Biotin Updates...Sort of...

Just a few weeks after taking Biotin. I can't really make out much of a difference but if you look here, my hair isn't as straight as...

This picture. I took this 11-16-08, right after I took down my sew in. I also permed my hair after a nine week stretch. I can say that so far, the only thing that's really grown was my nails for taking Biotin straight for three weeks. 1000 mcg every day! And I really didn't need help growing my nails. They already grow like crazy. But since, they doubled in length.
It's really hard to tell with my hair because I am in a full sew in. I do notice a lot of growth in between the braids.
I want MORE! I was hoping that Biotin was going to be my miracle drug but we'll see in a few weeks when my current sew-in comes down. I will be sure to post pictures.


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