The Dark Side to Hair Growth...

Imagine you wake up tommorow morning with hair down to your behind.( unless of course, you're reading this and you already have hair down to your behind, please ignore this post)
After jumping for joy, you run to your bathroom mirror and start wearing all these elaborate styles. You crack open that nice flat-iron you just bought and flat-iron your hair until its bone straight.

Now...imagine doing this day in and day out. But you don't care! You're rocking those fly styles and enjoying all those compliments...including those jealous heffas at work that stare at you all day trying to look for the "tracks" because that can't be ALL your hair, can it?

Now eventually...after rocking these fly styles everyday, your hair becomes drier and a little shorter because of "heat damage". But you say, "What the hell! It's just an inch" This cycle just continues over and over again until you looking at barely there shoulder length hair.

Word of caution...If your hair gets to your desired length...remember the hard work doesn't stop there. Don't be stupid (like me) and go all crazy. Retaining length is key. Keep doing the things you were doing before you got to the point where you are now. If you find yourself going out of control ( Can't...put....the....flat iron.....down.......) GET THEE IN A PROTECTIVE STYLE FOR THE NEXT THREE MONTHS! Make sure that it's a style that leaves you NO ACCESS TO YOUR HAIR. I don't trust myself so I'm getting in a sew in for the next three months.

Hell I want to hide my hair till next spring. It's for my own good.


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