My Sew In is Back!!!!

I just got my sew in done yesterday and I'm having mixed feelings about it. The reason being is that I got so used to wearing my own hair, I kind of miss it. I know that this is the right thing for me because I needed to hide my hair from my own DESTRUCTIVE hands.

I was getting very flat-iron happy...

I got the usual full sew in with closure but I changed it up a bit. REMI Goddess and Velvet Remi are now selling closures in the Beauty Supply.

courtesy of where you can purchase this closure!!!

By the way...this is NOT the Remy Goddess closure!

Pros and Cons of the Remi-Goddess Closure

Pro---Avoid that "wiggy" look with that circle on the top of your head like this...

It will look like this...

CON--Unless you like wearing your sew-in with the part straight down the middle, I don't suggest you use this one. This one and the Velvet Remi (not shown) are the same way. They really can't be used if you want the part somewhere else. It would work better for the top of your head rather than the front.

If you want your closure to be at the front of your head where it looks like the hair is growing out of your scalp, then a LACE FRONTAL closure will be perfect for you. They are pricier and more to maintain but they look awesome when applied correctly.

I will post pics of my sew in today when I get home. (Presently at my sister's house)


  1. I'm fighting the urge to weave, but I'm running out of protective styles. I think I'm bringing the sew-in back into rotation too!


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