Pics of My Sew In! 12-03-08

This is the REMI GODDESS Closure that I was telling you guys about. Instead of that circle closey thing (sorry), I use the closure.
Even though, it isn't really versatile, it gives you a much flatter look and if you like wearing the full sew ins, you don't need as much hair. Well, that really depends on if you like yours thin or thick.It's just me. It's 1:18AM and I really didn't feel like looking pretty. I smell like Comet (early morning cleaning is the bestest!!!! Sorry. I'm a neat freak VIRGO)

Shown here wearing REMI VELVET in 1B 12 inch.


  1. I like it. It is verrrrry flat. I think I'm going to go back to weaving (sew-ins) too. I stopped so I could care for my "real" hair, but I think I can incorporate with minimal damage.

  2. I love this, this is the style I want!


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