These are the products that I use by the way....

Do you ever get a rush when you go into the beauty supply for the first time?
Do you get exhilarated as you walk down the aisles looking at all the lovely products on sale?
Do you obsess over every new product that you try and hope that it's the "one" that your hair will thank you for?
Do you look forward to "Wash Day?" The day where you wash your hair and use all of those lovely products that your purchased at the Beauty Supply?
Every time, you hear your friends or family talk about a new product that they like, do you run right out and get it? Even if it may cause your bank account to go into negative territory?
Can your closet double for a beauty supply store?
If you have answered yes to at least three of these questions, you, my friend, are a PJ.
PJ= Product Junkie
Welcome to the club....


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