It's Official..I'm Growth Aide Crazy

There are some of you that believe with good hair care, staying diligent with a great regimen, and a little common sense goes a long way with getting good growth. Some of you are fine with your length, as long as your hair is healthy. You're perfectly fine with the natural growth rate that you get.


There are others that jump on EVERY GROWTH AID BANDWAGON that you can find! If COW MANURE worked, you'd be stalking cows right now! 

I, unfortunately, am one of these people. I stalk hair boards for that one magic product. My mailman is going to put a restraining order against me! I'm just really unhappy with my hair right now.

What to do if you're like me?

Splash some cold water on your face and take a good look at yourself. So what if your hair isn't where YOU want it to be right now. If you're anything like me, you've done enough abusing it over the years. Now its time for you to take really great care of your hair and if you do everything right, you'll thank yourself in the long run. 

It's okay to use a growth aide here and there, but remember, there is NO magic pill. Only time will give you the best results.

Sounds like I need to take a really good taste of my own medicine.


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