Megatek Alert!

Okay so I'm waiting on my Megatek to arrive at my door anyday now. I got a notice from my Ebay seller giving me a tracking number for it. I'm just waiting for it to arrive. I saw on a hair board today that this lady went from SL to BSL in 5 months by using Megatek! 

While I wait, I'm using up the rest of my MN on the front of my hair. I know that it gave me some headaches, but I diluted it with WGO (Wild Growth Oil) and massaged it in. I just really hate to have a half used tube of Monistat in my bathroom. (That I can't do anything with)
No headaches so far. The front half of my hair really needs some help growing along so that it can catch up with the rest of my hair.

If my front was as long as the back half, I'd be rocking a REALLY SEXY collarbone Bob right now...but that's TOO much like right.

Oh USPS mail carrier.....WHEREAREYOU!!!!!!!!!!!

LOL :)Ok


  1. Hey! I've been hearing about this meqa tek for some months now and I really want to try it. My only problem is the washing. I have really short hair like rihannas and I don't know if I can wash it 2, or 3 times a week. Is it okay to wash only once a aweek.?


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