Silk Elements Relaxer Review

Do NOT sleep on this relaxer ladies! It does wonders for the hair! It left my hair OH SO SMOOTH and SILKY! Unlike some of the other harsh relaxers in the past. I was mostly a Vitale girl. It gave me good results as well but now that I've used Silk Elements, I don't think I'll try anything else...for a while.

(note: I am curious about Mizani Butter Blends. I've heard good things about that relaxer too)


  1. This product has taken out my hair in ways i did not think were possible! The first time I used it, it was wonderful. Round 2, within a week my hair came out in one big patch. My hairdresser convinced me it was stress, however after round 4 my hair which was once thick is soooo thin. I have had to cut it because one whole side broke off. I am considering going natural again. I would never recommend this product to anyone.


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