Supermodel's Official MN Challenge 10 Days!

I will be starting an official MN personal challenge starting....


I will purchase Monistat 2% (yes vajayjay cream) and rub it into my scalp every night. In just a few hours, I will purchase some and show you before pictures. I am currently in a sew in that I don't plan taking out for another 10 days.

During the ten days, I will apply MN 2% mixed in with some oil (will provide my mix later) every night for ten nights. When I take the sew-in out, I will measure my new growth at that time.

I have recieved anywhere from 1/2- 1 inch from the Biotin alone. I've used 1000mcg of Biotin daily for the past four weeks. I've done some research on using MN as a growth aide, and have seen results after one week's use.

On the 17th of January 2009, I will take the sew in out and take pictures for you to see of my new growth. I understand that it will be difficult to tell how much growth I've gotten because I will be about ten weeks post. (give or take a few days)

Anybody with me?

Stay tuned....


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