Texlaxing, Relaxing, and Natural....

Relaxing--This is easy. When you use a relaxer on your hair until your NG (new growth) is bone straight. Your hair will be bone straight. A lot of people prefer this, because this hair can be styled very easily.

Cons--When your NG comes in, it will be easily visible, unless there is some reversion. Your hair strands will be weaker from the chemical use. Great care is suggested! Protein treatments are a MUST! Some times relaxers can make your hair thinner.

Texlaxing--When you take a relaxer and leave it on to the point where it loosens your natural hair pattern but doesn't get it bone straight. Your hair still has some of its natural curl pattern.
Not as exposed to the harsh chemicals as the bone straight, but still needs TLC!

Cons--Wearing straighter styles will be difficult after a few weeks when the NG comes in. Sometimes, it will be difficult to tell where the NG and the reversion that is bound to happen after a few weeks.

Natural--This one is easy! Your natural hair. The way your hair is before it is exposed to any chemicals. 

Cons--If you like straight styles, this will be difficult without the use of heat. Too much heat is not good. Protein is important but not as important as MOISTURE! Keep your hair moisturized to tame breakage!

Truths and Myths!

1. Perms are PERMANENT! There are NO chemicals you can put in your hair to make the PERM go away. You CANNOT  wash a perm out. Even if you washed your hair 999 times (Do NOT do this!), the perm will remain in your hair. People mistake REVERSION for NG! 

2. The ONLY way to get rid of relaxed hair is to cut it off! 

3. If you don't want to cut your hair off but you want to transition from relaxed to natural, this can be done but remember......the line of demarcation (where the natural and relaxed hair meet) is very weak! It is prone to breakage! You must keep the hair very moisturized or else the natural hair will "win" and break off. 

4. You can keep your relaxed ends if transitioning and gradually cut your straight ends off.

5. You can transition from relaxed to texlaxed by doing the same thing!  Keep the hair properly moisturized including your protein treatments! 

6. Some people think that because they are texlaxed, they are natural. THIS IS PATENTLY FALSE! Anytime you chemically alter the hair, you are NOT a natural! 



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