Okay. I am so sick of this damn sew in that I don't know what to do. I'm sick of the way it looks. Of course, I wear full sew ins because it's best. That way all of my hair is braided up and I'm not damaging it from the constant heat.

I looked at my hair yesterday in the mirror and I wanted to rip every track out of my head! I miss MY hair. I admit. It is long enough for me to wear and not feel bad, but I miss my divalicious hair! LOL...I'm really excited to perm it to see how long it's gotten. I know I can achieve the same straight results with a blowout too.

What should I do?


  1. Shoot! I have this feeling right now. I'm ready to take some scissors to my scalp and start cutting!, but What type of relaxer are you using?

  2. I'm currently using Vitale but when I get my next relaxer, I'm going to either try Silk Elements (I've heard so many good things) or Mizani Butter Blends. Either way, I'm going to give you guys a product review!


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