I just ordered my Megatek at www.legacytack.com yesterday and for some reason I felt the need to harass my mail carrier over it. SO i open my email today and I get a nice letter from one of their representatives today stating that my Megatek was on Backorder and would be for several weeks!!!!!!!!!!


I sent them an email to cancel immediately, hopped on ebay and found a seller that promised to ship it tommorow!


I'm so in HATE with my hair right now, I may just do a Britney Spears. I'm serious ladies. My hair is growing but it so many different lengths all over my head, I just want to start over. 

Megatek...where are you?


  1. Puhleeze don't cut! I have lil mini strokes every time someone mentions cutting (left sided weakness...LOL). Hair grows at different rates all over...just leave it alone. If it's healthy and growing...let it GROW! If you're tired of looking at it...bun it and get it out of sight. Okay, feeling on left side coming back...LOL!

  2. Thanks girl. I was really having a moment yesterday. I'm just not happy with the way it looks. I guess I expected more. I frequent the hair boards and fotki.com so when I view all those pics of beautiful hair, I just freaked out when I looked at mine. : (


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