Why Should I Clarify Again?

Thank you for your question!

A clean scalp is a healthy scalp! (repeat that over and over again) After 30 days or so of cowashing, DC's (deep conditioning), baggying, sealing, applying growth aides, etc. your scalp may experience buildup...even after a thorough shampoo.

Clarifying your hair can be the answer. Remember hair doesn't grow as well with clogged pores from product buildup. I recommend clarifying your hair at least once a month. Swimmers clarify more for obvious reasons.

After a clarifying shampoo, I would recommend you use a little more conditioner because clarifying shampoo doesn't have the conditoners that your regular shampoo has.

Pinched for cash? (like me) Suave makes a wonderful shampoo. I went to Walmart and brought a big bottle that should last me at least a year and a half for $1.60.


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