1. Only people with a mixed background can grow their hair past shoulder length.
2. Black women can't really grow their hair past shoulder length.
3. Black women hair just grows more slower than other races.

All of these including the title are MYTHS!!!

The average person on this planet hair grows 0.5 inches a month. Which means if you 
are the average grower, you can get six inches in a year. Some people's hair grows 
faster or slower than this.

Now you don't have hair down your back. you're probably looking like WTF??

Black hair DOES grow. It's just retaining what you grow. That's the thing!!

How do you retain growth? Easy!

1. Wear protective styles! Put down that blow dryer and flat iron! NOW!
2. Stop overlapping those relaxers. NO you don't need a perm every four weeks. 
I don't care what your stylists says.
3. Stop trimming your hair! Stylists that state that trimming your ends every 4-6 weeks
will grow your hair. MYTH!! Trim only when needed. Think about it...if you trim 
that often, you're just trimming away that 0.5 inches that you just grew. What's the 
point of that?

4. Relaxed heads--you need moisture and protein! Invest in some good products and 
moisturize your hair every night. ORS Moisturizing Lotion is great. So is S-curl! 
Some people think that oiling their scalp is the way to go but it isn't. You need your 
strands to be moisturized! Also invest in some protein products. Aphogee 2 Step 
Treatment is great protein. I use this once a week. Megatek is also heavy protein. 
Protein stops breakage.

5. Natural heads--you need moisture moreso than protein but don't neglect it. Protein 
is going to make your strands stronger. Buy products that are rich in moisture. Don't 
sleep on S-curl. Glycerin and water mixed together
is a great moisturizer.



  1. Thanks for the advice! I'm going natural and am aiming to get the same length I had when my hair was relaxed in about 2 years.


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