The Case Of The Missing Megatek...

Why does this title remind me of those old Encyclopedia Brown books?

OOPS showing my age~ I purchased the bottle of Megatek from Ebay and was given a tracking number. Of course, I haven't gotten it. So I went to the post office and found out that my package was sent to the wrong post office. 

The other post office delivered it to my post office but the mailman didn't deliver it. I spoke to the supervisor and they are doing an investigation. 


So I ordered it on Amazon and looks like I have to wait until February 20 to get it, although it could take all the way up until the 25th!!! have upped my Biotin to 3ooomcg along with 500mcg of Vitamin C to combat the zits.  I don't know if I will make my APL goal in April.

If I get close, I guess I'll be happy. I need 3.5 inches to APL and 4 more for BSL. Will I reach it this year? With Megatek and Biotin I could get very close.  Very close....but I will be happy to reach past my shoulders for the first time in my life.  


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