Corrective Relaxer

One side of my hair...the longer side...LOL One side of my hair.

A few days ago, I was 70% texlaxed. I still had about 3-4 inches of relaxed ends that I planned on getting rid of when I hit BSL or MBL....(Wow, that even sounds great)

But I couldn't take the many different textures in my head any longer so I decided yesterday to do a corrective and relax the texlaxed and new growth strands.

I wanted texlaxed hair so that my hair would be thicker. Relaxers have this way of thinning your hair too much.

Argh! I was having a weak moment and I hope that I don't regret this.

My hair is already thin! Not sure when that happened. I used to have thick I'm going on a Thicken Hair Challenge!

I'm hoping Megatek could help with this....when I get it....


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