Luxury Hair Ratings 2009 Beauty Supply Brands Edition

This thread was one of the most popular threads that I've posted on the blog so I'm posting it again with a few more updates.

Now I received a few emails (Well more than a few) of women that disagreed with my findings. Either the hair worked really well for them, or worse. Remember a lot of things can come into play here. You can wind up with a "bad" batch of hair. There isn't much you can do, but hair that is towards the back of the rack, tends to be older. Hair in the front is newer. 

How To Extend the Life of A Weave

Sealing the weft-- Stop Fraying, Aileens, or even plain beauty supply hair glue will do the trick. Apply the glue on the weft of the hair and let it dry. This prevents a lot of the shedding. 

Don't Apply Oils-- Oils, in my opinion, add an unnatural shine to the hair. It makes it look fake and will increase tangles. If your weave is looking dry, you can spray oil sheen onto your hand (just a dab, will do ya) and apply to the hair that way. 

Wrap the hair at night--Stop going to bed with your weave all over your head! LOL! Wrap your weave at night to prevent tangles in the morning. Or do a loose braid and tie up with scarf.

Wash weekly but be careful-- Don't wash the hair like you would your hair. Wet your hair in the shower, letting the water run through it. Apply shampoo but don't "scrunch up the hair"  THIS WILL GIVE YOU PLENTY OF TANGLES. A shampoo brush can work as well. 

Doing these things will extend the life of a weave. With today's economy, I'm sure you can appreciate this post. : )

These rankings are from my personal experiences only. Please use whatever weave works for you. RANKINGS ARE FROM 1-5 (Straight hair)






BOHYME 5 ***** Bohyme is excellent for those looking for those sew-in's to last a very long time. Bohyme is superior hair to many and can be found in most beauty supplies. For the price, it is recommended that you reuse this hair.

It can experience some tangles. I've heard this with the Egyptian Wave. But Egyptian wave is a texture that is similar to African American hair. It can be worn curly or straight. 

GODDESS REMI 4 **** Goddess Remi is also excellent hair to use. It looks great and has a variety of textures to suit different hair types. The only hang up I have with this hair is that it is awful thin. If you like a fuller look, I would recommend 2- 2 1/2 bundles. Otherwise, it has a very thin track and you can reuse this hair again. I just took this hair out of my head. Due to certain circumstances, I had to wash this hair three times after putting it in and it still look absolutely beautiful. WIth a bad batch, this hair can tangle. Do not use oil on this hair at all.

VELVET REMI 5***** What can I say about my favorite hair? The texture is awesome! If the weave is done correctly, I DARE anyone to tell me my hair doesn't look natural. This is the weave of choice for many stylists. It also looks great after several washes. This is the hair that I purchase the most when I am wearing the partial sew in because it very closely resembles the hair type that I have.

SAGA BY MILKY WAY 5 ***** Again, another personal favorite of mine. As of the date of this post, I am wearing it in my head for a full sew in. This hair has a slight silky texture which may present a problem for women with coarser hair. It may be a little difficult to blend. I recommend this hair for those who wear full sew in's. I have been getting sooo many compliments everytime I wear Saga. It is absolutely beautiful hair. It can also be reused at least twice and doesn't tangle a lot when washed. It is highly recommended but a bit on the pricey side.

EGO REMY 3 *** The hair looks great...especially for those women with more texture to the hair. This hair tangles slightly to moderately but still good to use in partial sew ins. Can be reused. It really depends on how well you take care of the hair.

BLACK DIAMOND 3 *** I was surprised to use this hair actually. I've never sewn it in but have glued this hair in. It held up better than my favorite for years, Milky Way. I recommend this hair if you are on a budget but you don't want to put that cheap hair in your head. Especially for sew-ins. Looks great after one wash.

TIFFANY 3 *** Although it is not a personal favorite, I don't think you'll be disappointed with it. Tiffany does its purpose and looks great for the money. I would recommend it for women on a
budget. This hair holds decent after one wash. 

MILKY WAY PLATINUM 3*** This is the first hair that I've sewn in my head. I bought it because of the price and it looked great. After at least two washes the hair began to tangle a bit and became annoying. It looked awesome when I first got it done. Not recommended for use in sew-ins for over 4 weeks. A little too pricey for a glue in. Just right for a stocking cap weave or a homemade wig.


  1. thank you so much for the weave reviews. with so many brands it is frustrating to find a good one and i hate wasting money on hair that's while only go straight to hell in a week or less. i've been looking for comments on good BSS (and non-BSS) brands and it's nice to see someone take the time out to rank some of them.

  2. Glad to be of help! I will try to post this at least three times a year.


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