Mega Tek and Ovation Cell Therapy Drama!

Over the last few days, I've been getting a few emails on the proper way to use Mega Tek (MT).
The way I use it is directly on my scalp every night. I wash every 3-4 days. 

Note: When going to wash the next day, I normally don't apply MT.

Some people use it as a DC. The apply to their hair, leave on for 10-30 minutes, with or without heat, and rinse out.

Some people apply it directly to the scalp overnight and rinse the next day.

Some people apply it to the scalp and the length of the hair. They either leave it in or rinse out.

Some people apply it straight up. 

Some people mix it with different oils. 

It doesn't really matter. I've seen it done all different ways and the results were pretty much the same. Do what works for you!

Now the thing is CONSISTENCY! I heard a girl complaining that she used it once a week and she didn't get any results.


You must be consistent with this product for it to work. Some people see results within days. Some people see results within weeks. Some people can take up to 3 months to see results.

OCT (Ovation Cell Therapy) works the same way. 
Whichever way you decide to use these products, remember that consistency is KEY!


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