Megatek/OCT Revealed!

Bee wants to know how often should she wash her hair with Megatek or Ovation Cell Therapy?

Brittany wants to know if she has to wash everyday with Megatek?

Here is a basic FAQ on Megatek/OCT

1. Apply to scalp as you would a scalp conditoner or hair grease.
2. Gently massage the prduct into scalp with soft pads of your fingers.
3. Leave in at least one hour or overnight.
4. Rinse out, condition hair with favorite hair conditioner.
5. Put hair in protective style.

Which Product does what?

Mega Tek will thicken your hair -- fast! It will also strenghten your hair which will lenghten your hair.

Ovation Cell Therapy will lengthen your hair --- fast! It just doesn't thicken as quickly as the Mega Tek does. But it sure gives the length.

Shampooing your hair....

As often or as little as you wish.

Some people use MT or OCT on the scalp and leave it in. Some use it as a DC. They leave it on for ten minutes and wash out. It depends on you.

You can wash your hair once a week with these products. You may want to do this anyway to prevent product buildup. Product buildup will cause the MT or OCT not to get into your scalp as you want it to because there is too much product on the scalp.

You can buy OCT at

Megatek can be found at

These products are rich in protein and there really isn't a difference between the two. 
They have almost the same ingredients.

Shedding may occur when using these products but don't be too alarmed. This is necessary.
The old hair pushes it out of the follicle and a new one is replaced. If the shedding
is too much for you to deal with, you can try taking garlic pills or using some
garlic shampoos. Garlic stops shedding. Also rinsing with tea and coffee stops shedding as well.

Yes you read that right. Tea and coffee rinsing.
Keep the questions coming!


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