My Newly Tweaked Regimen!

Boy this hair growing thing can really make you go bananas. I've been experimenting with a lot of different things lately and my checking account balance clearly shows this. 

I've decided to stick to this new regimen that has been working for me as of recent. I'm hoping to be APL by at least June (April will be a miracle) and BSL by Christmas. (The best Christmas gift)

Here goes.....

1. Wash and Deep Condition hair 2x a week with ORS Replenishing Pack or Silk Elements Moisturizing conditioner. I add Jamaican Black Castor oil to my DC's for thickness. Hopefully this will work!! I've heard good things.

2. Co wash 1-2x a week.

3. Spray African Pride Braid spray ( I love it because it has yummy ingredients and has that "cooling" effect on the scalp)

4. Place hair in protective style....more than likely a loose ponytail,  tie silk scarf and go to sleep.

5. Take 2000-3000mcg of Biotin along with 1000mg of Vitamin C to combat zits and overall health.

6. Apply MT to scalp daily. (Will use Bee mine later)

7. Drink plenty of water and eat protein rich foods. I love salmon!!!!!!!

8. Use Aphogee 2 min Reconstructor once a week. Protein is important for you relaxed heads. You naturals need to keep moisture!

Weave Regimen

Apply Aphogee Intensive Reconstructor to hair before weave install. (make sure your hair is strong and in optimal condition to apply any weave to your hair)

Wash 1x a week

Apply Growth Aides to scalp every other night to prevent buildup

Apply African Pride Braid Spray to scalp (that cooling effect is awesome)

Moisturize scalp with ORS moisturizing Lotion 3x  a week.


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