Not much to tell in the hair growing game...


(What did I do with that bat?)

Anyway, I have been still taking my Biotin faithfully. After being four weeks post, I have some unruly new growth towards the back of my head. I've been wearing my buns pretty much every day. 

As far as the missing Megatek, the USPS tracking page said it was delivered on February 6th and today is the 11th. 

Which means someone made a mistake at the post office or someone in my BUILDING IS ABOUT TO GET A BEAT DOWN!!!

But I digress, 

Lately, I've been getting a lot of questions about the Megatek. I just want to say that the hair growth truly varies from person to person. Like I stated, I know a girl that went from SL to BSL in 5 months. I also know some people that stopped using because of the shedding. (Shedding is actually normal)

Remember finding products that promote growth is wonderful but retention is KEY!
Your hair is growing all the time. For you relaxed heads, if it didn't grow, you would never need a touch up. (Its a little harder for naturals to see their hair grow)

Retaining what you grow will make all the difference to you reaching your goals. When using growth aides, keep that heat out of your hair, moisturize and use protein, and wear protective styles like you are saving your life. 

Trust me, you will like the results in the long term. 


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