What are Protective Styles?

These are all pictures of protective styles! This is how you will get your hair to greath lengths this year.

We talked about how fast the average head grows in a years time. Wearing protective styles will get your hair to amazing lengths.

These things will cause breakage and stop you from getting your average 6 inches a year.

1. Using heat
2. Keeping the scalp dirty.
3. Wearing your hair down all the time (hair rubs against clothing)
4. Not incorporating moisture and protein into your hair regimen.
5. Trimming your ends because your stylist says so. (NOTE--only do this for split ends!)
6. Manipulating your hair (constant brushing/combing, playing in it, etc.)

Retaining length with Weaves...

Check out this lady's portfolio. She is the queen of sew-ins. If you live in her neck of the woods you are very lucky.
She has clients all over the states that come to her for sew-ins. They fly in, take the train, bus, even hitchhike to get
her to do their hair. You will see how easy it can be to retain what you grow with weaves.
Regular viewers of my blogs know that this is how I was able to retain what I grew in 2008.


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