Want an alternative to blow drying straight? You say you're a few weeks post relaxer and you need a better way to drying your hair so you can get the roots straighter?

Try banding! This is a technique where there isn't really a wrong way to do it. Most women with longer hair, put their hair in one or two ponytails and then place elastic bands down the length of the ponytail all the way to the ends. It stretches your hair out and keeps the roots very straight.

So since my daughter is now grazing SL and is 12 weeks post relaxer, I did her hair in 5 plaits with elastic goody hair bands. I applied some leave in conditioner and parted her hair in sections. 

Then I let it airdry and cover with a satin scarf. When she woke up the next morning her hair was completely dry and I was able to flat iron it straight. That way I didn't have to blow dry it straight and risk heat damage.

The picture above was the end result. I flat ironed her hair with Silk Elements Heat Protectant. It was beautiful and bouncy.

Like I said, there really isn't a wrong way to do it. It depends on the length of  your hair. Naturals can try this technique as well. It will loosen your natural curl pattern so that your hair hangs down and stretches out. 

Try it!


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