How Long Should I Stretch My Relaxers?

It really depends on your hair type. Some women can stretch their relaxers for 20 weeks or more. The purpose of stretching relaxers is to not overlap chemicals on hair that is already relaxed. Chances are, that if you don't have much new growth (4-6 weeks post relaxer) you will get the relaxer on hair that is already relaxed.

Big no no.....

Now lets say you decide to go on one of those 20 week stretches, and you have a significant amount of new growth, the new growth and the relaxed hair are going to battle it out at the demarcation line (where the NG and relaxed hair meet) 

The line of demarcation needs moisure! This is where the hair is the weakest~ It WILL break if not taken care of properly.

Stretching relaxers depends on the person. Just because one person can do a 20 week stretch doesn't mean that you can. Some women report shedding and breakage after stretching for long periods of time.

Personally, I don't see the purpose of these stretches unless you are a slow grower and you don't see new growth until week 12 or so. I don't see the purpose of stretching a relaxer past 16 weeks unless you are transitioning (going from relaxed to natural) but aren't ready to do a Big Chop or BC. Other than that, it's okay to just relax! LOL : )

Remember, it's not the length of time, it is the amount of new growth you have as well. One person can relax at 7-8 weeks with an inch or more of NG while another may have to wait twice the amount of time  to see the same amount of NG.

It is important to listen to your hair and know that stretching for long periods of time requires time and attention.  


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