It's official...I have pnuemonia. I let an upper respiratory infection go on too long unchecked....so ladies listen to your health. I put my job first instead of going to check on myself. I was wrong. If I die, someone else will take my place but there is NO ONE there to take my place as MOM for my 11 year old girl.

With that being said......

I made a Megatek and Bee Mine mix that smells delicious (Coconut and Mango yummy) I mixed it in an applicator bottle and it is lying on my nightstand. So even though I will be bedridden for the next week or so I will be applying my growth aides RELIGIOUSLY! I'm also still taking my biotin and my vitamin C so you all KNOW I'm serious!!!!

Hopefully this will give me some consistent growth.


  1. OMGsh!! Hopefully everything goes well for you.

  2. thank you!!!! I feel like I've been run over with a truck...but I'm resting!

  3. I hope you feel better! Being sick is the pits.

  4. Bless your heart....I feel for you! Hope you get better soon!


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